Why Us?

Why MBP?

Quality of infrastructure and world leading customers

MBP/CERVONIC is a state of the art factory, entirely dedicated to the production of fishmeal and oil, manufacturing on behalf of some of the world’s largest customers in petfood, aquaculture, poultry and cattle feed.


Security and quality of supply
  • All year round production

Mauritius guarantees secure access to supply all year round and is at the core of buyer’s global procurement strategies.

  • 100% tuna by products

The raw materials collected from the near-by tuna factories allow a continuous flow in the processing chain which is reflected in the exceptional freshness of the final product.


Responsible supplier

We are both members of IOTOA (Indian Ocean Tuna Operators Association) which aims at promoting sustainability and social compliance. MBP/CERVONIC adhere to the IUU regulation. Both factories are HACCP approved and an internal quality control system ensures the full traceability of the product.


Export access worlwide

Mauritius being an ACP country benefits from duty free access to the EU under the ESA – EU Economic Partnership Agreement. Mauritius also benefits from duty and quota free access to the USA under the AGOA (African Growth & Opportunity Act) trade preferences.


Global skills and customer service

MBP/CERVONIC have skilled and passionate personnel with global tuna industry skill sets. We also have a dedicated customer management structure providing full personalized support throughout the supply chain